Reaching your full potential during COVID19

Welcome back to our blog! Our last post of our COVID19 response series is all about reaching your full potential and becoming your best self.

After the lockdown rules, many of us were faced with a new unknown reality and forced to adapt new methods of working rather than the normal discipline of office working life. Many of us were also stripped of our usual working routines which could have evoked feelings of doubt, lack of motivation and forcing us to create new ways of working. Below are some ways to continually excel and thrive, no matter the current circumstances of the world.

Start to think of yourself as a good, productive employee. Your structure comes from within and is built on trust and decency within yourself creating a personal and individual experience. View discipline as something between you and yourself rather than between you and an external body, for example, your employer and previous working models. Dyslexic people in particular are known to be outside of the box thinkers. The new way of working IS an outside of the box way of working! You may be at more of an advantage than you think as Dyslexics thrive on flexibility and new patterns/ways of approaching the world. Allow yourself to understand that you are good enough and that you can do it.

You would not be you if you weren’t dyslexic and that’s what makes you unique! Be you, ask for what you need when the rest of the world doesn’t always get where you’re coming from and choose to focus on your strengths and your passions as these bring out the best in you and your abilities. Ask yourself what motivates you and what fuels your passions. Identify, act and drive forward these ideas.

If you do require additional support whilst working from home, do talk to your employer/support systems and specify your needs. Always disclose where you can and where you feel confident, don’t suffer in silence. We’re all in our Dyslexic world together!

We severely hope you have enjoyed this series of blog posts and that they hopefully help you to navigate as a Dyslexic through these challenging times.

Until the next 2021 series, take care and stay safe. Feel free to leave any comments or contact us at A2i, should you have any other concerns or require any additional support.


-A2i Dyslexia

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