Overcoming fear and anxiety during COVID19

Welcome back A2i Community! We hope you’ve been staying safe and well during these unprecedented times. Today’s post is all about dealing with your anxieties and fears through COVID19 and navigating as a Dyslexic through the pandemic.

First, lets establish some possible signs of anxiety, some of which may include panic disorder, excessive fear, defense mechanisms, living through coping mechanisms instead of being ‘yourself’ and other irrational fears. In BAME communities specifically, there can sometimes be a taboo around speaking out regarding issues such as anxiety and fear however, being able to identify these signs early on will enable you to get the help and support you need to progress. As we know, often if these signs are not picked up, they can lead to further mental health issues later.  Always remember, you are not alone.

Is there a link between Dyslexia & Anxiety?

Anxiety brings the notion of ‘fight, freeze and flight’ which causes the brain to shut down in panic and can make you want to run away, stop and fight without seeing anything further resulting in a mental shut down and causing you to feel overwhelmed which often results in further fear and anxiety. When you add Dyslexia into the picture, it can often bring about mutual thoughts such as humiliation, shame and the fear of getting a task wrong, which links to similar feelings associated with fear and anxiety.

Here are some top tips to overcome fear and anxiety during COVID19:

  • Identify any underlying issues which could be causing your anxiety. Be authentic with yourself. It often helps to write a list or talk to someone about how you feel in order to stop yourself from withdrawing further.


  • Get additional support. This can be anything from talking about your issues with friends, family, a therapist, additional support lines such as Samaritans, join a local or online dyslexia support group or even watching Youtube videos of those with lived experiences and how they deal with their fears and anxieties. Once you’re able to talk and release, the easier it is to get the support you need.


  • Focus on your strengths. (Yes, we all have them!) Focusing on your gifts and strengths such as using your seeing the world in a different way due to Dyslexia enables you to learn differently. Use this to build up your confidence and self esteem and use your transferable skills from previous positive situations to acknowledge that you really CAN do it. Identify how you can further use your skill set within another piece of work and absolutely go for it.


  • Learn coping strategies that will benefit and work for you and use your support systems such as teachers, friends, family or a therapist etc to put these strategies into practice. Similar to some coaching methods, visualize and create images of where you want to be find the words to match your vision and write these down. Your words = your truth. Remember that overcoming anxiety and fear is a process and gradual journey. It’s about taking each day as it comes, one step at a time and going from ‘I can’t to ‘I can’.


Until the next post A2i community, stay safe and take care.

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