Genius of the Year

Genius of the Year: Runner-up

Official certificate to state that A2i founder and CEO, Elizabeth Takyi, was the runner-up in the Genius of the Year category of the Celebrating Neurodiversity Awards from Genius Within.

Genius Within is a fantastic organisation set up to help those who are part of the neuro-diverse community. From their own words:

“At Genius Within we stand proudly at the intersection of lived experience and expertise. As a neurominority led business and experts in our field, we have made it our life’s work to help neurominorities access their inner genius and be at their best at work.

Our team of highly qualified Occupational Psychologists, workplace coaches and HR experts understand what works, not only because 43% of us are neurominorities ourselves, but also from decades of research and experience with clients. Our evidence based approach and consistent results have made us leaders in our industry. Whether you are an individual, or organisation of any size, we can provide specialist support.”

Find them HERE

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