Coping with stress during COVID19

Hey Dyslexic friends! Today’s post is all about the big S…


Did you know 67% of Dyslexics request support for stress at work? Now stress is something I’m sure we’re all familiar with or have experienced at least once (or many times!) throughout our daily lives and with the uncertainty of what’s instore for the world post pandemic, it’s easy to become anxious, worried and stressed. This post will guide you with how to manage your stresses during covid19 and turn your stress into productivity rather than panic.

1.Identify the cause of stress –

We are often so busy with our daily tasks that we sometimes do not take the time to simply identify exactly WHY we are stressed. With many people now working from home, your workload may seem quite intense. Take some time out, identify what may be causing you stress (you may do this by writing a list or recording your stresses via voice notes, whatever works for you!) and work towards solving where the stress has come from.

  1. Break it down into manageable chunks –

Sometimes tackling the whole task seems impossible, however breaking it down into smaller chunks will help you to complete the task well and in good time. Start with your easiest tasks first, that way you can spend more time working through your list and at your own pace.

  1. Talk to someone – ‘A problem shared is a problem halved’

This could be anyone from your teacher, a colleague, family, or friends. Share in a positive manner that you are Dyslexic, work differently and may require additional support that others may be unaware of. Do not be afraid to educate people about your Dyslexia, they may be able to offer you some advice or a helping hand. Talking to someone also helps relieve you of any negative thoughts that you may have stored unknowingly and getting these thoughts out makes way for you to feel refreshed and ready to tackle your tasks ahead.

  1. Take some time out –

Dyslexics often thrive when taking regular social breaks and when working from home, it can be hard to schedule in these breaks outside of the regular 9-5 working day routine. Go for a walk, get some air, exercise, and get those endorphins flowing which also boost your mood, control your anxiety and productivity levels, especially as a Dyslexic.

  1. Be kind yourself –

Always remember you are trying your absolute best with what you have despite the circumstances. As a dyslexic, you may feel like you require more encouragement, support and validation in order to complete tasks which is absolutely fine. Dyslexics often use more brainpower in order to deliver tasks and recognising and celebrating our own achievements for ourselves holds so much power. Setting time aside to celebrate all our achievements, big or small, is essential to our positive progress.

Have any thoughts or tips on coping with stress? Let us know!

Until next time, stay safe and see you on our next post. A2i Dyslexia


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