Building your confidence and self esteem during COVID19

With the new ways of working during the COVID19 pandemic, it’s easy to feel a loss of confidence and self-worth within yourself and adapting to the new changes. Your self-esteem is extremely important as it supports the way you view yourself, the way you interact with others, your friendships and relationships, mental health and your overall life.

Here are a few ideas on how you can boost your confidence and self esteem whilst navigating through the new circumstances.

  • Believe in yourself. Sounds so simple right? It is! Really push and believe that you can excel, succeed and be great in every way possible. It always starts with a thought. Remember that whatever your mind can conceive, it can achieve!


  • Check in with yourself and with others. Join an online support group of fellow Dyslexics! Connect and engage with each other where you may be able to work and bounce ideas off each other. Its always great to be able to connect with those who are similar to you. Talk with your friends and family and develop your own support system.


  • Cut out the comparisons, whether it be within friendships, working life of even life pre-covid. Centre yourself and refocus on the positive and what is working well. Develop a positive habit of repeating positive affirmations to yourself throughout the day such as ‘I can do this’ ‘I am confident’ ‘I am great’ ‘I am successful’, these will almost often increase your self esteem and confidence.


  • Do not tie your self esteem to your achievements. We live in a world where almost everything is about success and failure and with this heightened due to the pandemic, it can be hard to go about all the things we had set out to achieve, resulting in our confidence decreasing. Understand that sometimes, just adapting to change and responding to the world in the way of the ‘new normal’ is an achievement.

Any other tips on increasing your confidence and self esteem during COVID19? Please do share with us!

See you on the next post.

-A2i Dyslexia

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